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  • Thanks for all you do to keep the library safe and accessible for us! I love all of the exercise equipment in the library as it allows me to take breaks every hour or so to reset my body and mind. However, one thing that would make it even better would be a pull-up bar! How likely would it be to get a simply bar installed somewhere in the library? I'm sure there are some decent places on walls with studs in them. Or even a freestanding pullup bar would be fantastic! Thanks!

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  • Pull-up bars?
    Hi! I like to do sets of pushups every so often while I'm studying to take a small break/keep the blood circulating. Would be neat to have a pull-up bar on the first floor to do the same. Thought it might be possible since there are so many study treadmills/bikes/etc.
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  • Very loud front desk workers
    I was trying to get some studying done today, however there were two blonde girls on the front desk, who did not stop talking loudly the entire time. I had to find another place to sit.
    It has be the norm to have such a quiet environment in libraries, but it looks like it is not anymore. And what makes it worse is that the noise comes from the staff.
    The time I am talking about is 3 to 5 pm on Thursday 1/30/2020.
    Thank you
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  • Recycling
    I have noticed that the cleaning people put the recycling and trash into the same bin even though there are blue bins specifically for recycling... Does the library not recycle anything?
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  • I preferred finding eBooks from the list by topic instead of the search feature. I get too many results and the filters are sufficient to group by topic.
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  • Dermatology is a challenging area of medicine. In primary care we see skin complaints frequently. I previously used Visual Dx regularly to help with direct patient care. Having this resource removed will have a negative impact on my clinical practice.
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  • Can you add toilet seat covers to the bathrooms? That would be a nice to have since other buildings on campus have them.

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  • I am a little worried about finals and room reservation. I have been reserving rooms to take my exams in and I have never had a problem but I know of two people in my program that reserved rooms (within the past week) and when they showed up to take their exam, someone was taking an exam in the room they reserved. Is it possible to have the reservation list on the door during finals week? I feel if you printed the schedule the morning of finals, it would be pretty accurate since people are already starting to reserve rooms. Also, maybe you can send out a mass email or announcement to all the programs reminding them that rooms are reservable and to check the schedule before going into a room that is reservable. Thank you.

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  • Is it possible to have a reservation list showing all the time slots that have been reserved on the doors for all the single- and group-study rooms? It is frustrating when I reserved a room and someone else did not know about that and was taking their exam when I arrived. I personally did not feel comfortable to interrupt their exam in order to have the room back. I understand there is a sign saying that the room can be reserved and students without reservation can use the room at their own risk. But hopefully, it can be more pronounced and more specific. Thank you

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  • Hey! I would like to know the feasibility of building an entrance on the east side of the library facing the parking lots that majority of students utilize. Thanks!

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  • Hi, I have noticed this a few times now. The groups of people who have been booking the Tower Room have not been respectful of people outside trying to study. There has been a few people who came out of the Tower Room to talk on the phone quite loudly. Groups of those people would come outside of the Tower Room to have their own discussion. The first time this happened, I was the only one near that area. I believe it is because there was just one student, they didn't care and continued to make noises inside and outside of the Tower Room. Today, Feb 14th, a group is in the room now. I can hear the speaker clearly even though I am at the standing desk. Several people have already gone in and out of the room and just talking with each other despite the fact that there are at least 4 students here trying to study. They did not close the door, so the entire time they have been here so far, I can hear them non-stop. I know that there is a sign that tells people to be mindful of the fact that there is a library outside of the Tower Room. Either the sign needs to more pronounced or the people saw it and decided to ignore it. Please help address this on-going issue.

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  • Is it possible to get a privacy screen for the Connect Your Laptop Workstations due to HIPPAA concerns?

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  • Hi! I have been loving the "connect your laptop workstations" where I am able to plug in my laptop and use the keyboard, mouse, and large computer screen. It has significantly improved my study skills and productivity! I would really like to see more of these stations in the library as I believe there are only 4 at the moment and they tend to get filled up fast. Thank you!

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